Monday, January 14, 2008

You Make My Day Award

I have been awarded by two super talented stampers, Rosella and Donna. I am so honored to receive this award from such wonderful people. Thanks guys, you have Made My Day :) I believe I feel a tear coming on (sniff).
I will choose 5 girls who have made my day and ones that have not been chosen to receive this honorable award.
Laura who continually takes the time to comment on my posts. She has such an elegant style in her own work.
Malieta who is talented with a whimsical style and a friend who is just plain "FUN!"
Lori who is a wonderful mom to her children and a great stamper and card maker.
Stacy who is always helpful and giving with her advice. She has a lovely style in her designs.
Niki who has gorgeous cards and wonderful ideas which has been an inspiration to me.
Thanks to all of you who Make My Day and visit me. It means "whole bunches" to me :)


Artemisa said...

Hello Velta!!

This card is beautiful.

I’m very happy for your commentary… thank you very much!!:D

"...How you do?" what? the music or other thing? sorry I don´t understand you... :(

Kisses, kisses…

DCY said...

I'm glad other people think that "You Made My Day." I think that every day when I hear you laugh or when you make me laugh. It is great to work with you. I am so glad that you came into my life. You are a great friend and you are a wonderful, talented, creative, attractive lady who deserves the very best in life "especially awards from the Sisterhood." LOL

Stacy said...

Oh Velta you have just made my day! Today was kind of rotten. My hot water heater went out (it was fixed pretty quickly and under $100) and my home phone line is not working. Thanks for mentioning me and making me smile during this carzy day!

RockyMountainStamper said...

You're such a sweet lady, Velta! No wonder you were chosen for this.

Thanks for always taking the time to come by my blog.

I'm hoping to get some Sisterhood challenges and RAK's going soon, so watch for that.

Have a fabulous day!!!

Lori J said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful award and the very nice comment about me. :0)

Niki said...

Oh, thank you so much, Velta! That is so sweet! I wasn't intentionally ignoring your blog. (I posted below that I'm not getting updates in google reader for some reason.) You have made my day! Did you see that they made a yahoo group for the SBS group?
Hope you decide to join us!

ktstamps said...

Look at you! OMG! You are incredible. Thank you for making my evening! kt