Friday, May 23, 2008

Pond Friends from Artful Inkables

I have a friend, Lynda...She has been a rock for me more times than I can count. It has never mattered what time of night, morning or day that I have called her with problems or sadness because of things that have happened in my life. She has ALWAYS been there for me! However....(and now I am sure she is reading this and thinking...oh no...don't tell them that). She has a tendency to just jump in the pond and swim no matter the obstacles that will pass her way. She thinks only of the moment and not what the consequences might be. She is THE MOST POSITIVE person I have ever known...and finds only the good in others. In that way, she is more blessed than I am, because I am wary and always looking for something that might cause harm or hurt. I made this card for Lynda when her precious Great Dane "Bones" was put to sleep. I made it just because it reminded me of her swimming in the pond with a smile on her face and not even looking at the "No Swimming" sign. Always oblivious to any bad and always just the "happy" person that she is and looking only for the good in others. Oh, I can tell you she has paid many a time...and I have watched with "gggrrrr" and not said anything, because I would never jepordize our friendship. God put her in my life for a reason...and I have been blessed to have her with me. So, tribute to Lynda.

This card was made with Pond Friends from (sorry the icon is not working). I just love this little guy. Artful Inkables has some precious, adorable stamps made by Kristin Soboloski. You must visit her site and check out these adorable images. I have more to share later.

Sorry, I gave that card to Lynda and I don't remember much other than the precious I have no deets.

Please take care this Memorial Day weekend! Drive safely and have a wonderful time. Thanks for the visit !


Rose Ann said...

Your duck is so cute, Velta!! I love the papers and your edging!!

Ila said...

Your card is fabulous!! love the duck and pond!
Your friend sounds Wonderful...what a lovely tribute to her!

DCY said...

This stamp is "just ducky." I love the feet under the water. You really set it off great with the colors, the background paper, and embellishments. How do you always have just the right shade of paper and such for every card! They are all so perfect.

Stampin' Meg said...

Great card, Velta. That border stamp is BEAUTIFUL!